The simplest and easiest way to accept bitcoin payments on lightning network for your local or online business (Updated 16-11-2023)

The service has been replaced by the new service LN Bank which offers many more possibilities. Try it here.

On ExitPay we offer our server to everyone for free. Every user can register an account to our server and set it up for bitcoin payments on-chain. But, bitcoin payments are not as fast and usually more expensive than lightning payments. At this moment (we expect an update from BTCPay server project soon), if you want to accept lightning payments, you can only do it through our internal lightning node. This option comes with a burden for us (as ExitPay admins) because we should calculate the payments for every business, every month and forward the payments to your business. Though, we started offered this service for free, we decided to add a small fee every month to the businesses that really want to use this option. Read below how you can use this service easily:

1) Register an account to our server. If you already have one use this.

2) Go to Stores and create a new store with a special name (it is advised to be distinguished from other users store names, so please choose a unique one). (eg. My special store – 00000).

3) After that, you need to setup your Lightning wallet. (You do not need to setup your BTC wallet – if you already have one you do not need to change anything and setup only the Lightning Wallet).

4) On the tab “Payment Methods” select setup Lightning.

5) On the next screen choose the choice “Use internal node” and click save.

6) Go to the “Apps” tab and click “Create a new app”. Choose the name of the store we already created, select “Point of Sale” app in App Type and give a name to your app. (My special app – 00000). Then click create.

7) The app has already a template with some samples products but we can delete them and create our own products. I will give to the Display Title the name “My BTCPay subscription” and I will create a product named “BTCPay subscription”. The best way to upload your favorite photos on the Point of Sale App is to use a DropBox account and add the appropriate link on image URL.

8) After I save my settings, my Point of Sales App will look like as below.

9) Now, my customers can use the pay button and complete their payments as you can see in the below photos.

10) As we already explained, those payments are going through our internal lightning wallet, so you will not receive them, but you can see them on your Invoices Dashboard.

11) At the end of every month (or earlier if you have lot of payments and after contacting with us) you will have your complete and invalid invoices, as you can see on the Invoices Dashboard.

12) The only thing you need to do is to Export those invoices in CSV format. Unfortunately you cannot choose (at this moment) which invoices to export, so be prepared to get a file with all the completed invoices that have been paid.

13) At the end of every month, you can send us the CSV file that contains all the paid invoices of the exact month. We will compare it with the invoices of our server and we will forward all the payments to your own lightning wallet.

If you liked this service and want to try it in your business, you can buy it for one month from here. If you want to have your own BTCPay server, then we can build one for you. Choice is yours!!!