Your own Lightning Node (On BTCPay server) – (one month)


Run your own lightning node online. You can use your lightning node either for routing on Lightning Network either for your own (non custodial) personal lightning wallet (with more features than normal software wallets). Running your own lighting node makes you really independent and sovereign in Bitcoin world.



If you are a non technical person and want to try and use your own lightning node easily and with safety, we setup a BTCPay server for you online. You can use your Lightning Node either for routing (and maybe earn some fees) or you can use it as for your personal lightning wallet on lightning network sending and receiving bitcoin payments.

What we do for you?

With this service, we deploy a BTCPay server on a virtual machine, hosted on Lunanode. The BTCPay server includes a pruned Bitcoin Blockchain and a Lightning Node. At LunaNode you get the package m.2 with one virtual machine, 2 GB Ram, 20 GB SSD storage and 2000 GB bandwidth.

We set up the BTCPay server for you, synchronize the blockchain and make all relevant settings for you.

The price includes the fee for accelerated blockchain synchronisation and hosting for one month. If you want to keep your node up and running for more, then you pay only for per month hosting at lunanode at a price of approximately $8.8 per month, paying us every month or one time for more months.

We keep update the BTCPay server with new software versions and regularly check the accessibility of the Lightning Node.


*We do not offer any other support of using the BTCPay server with this order.

*If you want to learn the basics of how you can use your node becoming a routing node or having your own personal lightning wallet online, you can check our service of learning the basics of using the BTCPay server for individuals.


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