Use our internal node for lightning payments (subscription per month)


If you don’t want to use your own node for lightning payments, you can use our internal lightning node and accept payments on your local or online store. This is a custodial service and you receive your payments on your lightning wallet at the end of every month. Payments come through our node and we forward them to you every month.



This is the simplest and easiest way to accept bitcoin payments on lightning network at your local or online store. The only thing you need is to register to our server and enable lightning payments through our node. At the end of every month we calculate the payments that went to your store through our internal node and forward them to your lightning wallet. Read this article on how to do this. This is a subscription service, so you can use it for just one month. At ExitPay we already offer our server to setup it for free and accept bitcoin payments on chain without any intervention from us. This service is only for bitcoin payments on lightning network.


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