Lightning Payments Enabled

You can send and receive bitcoin payments off-chain, on lightning network, using our internal node.

After almost 2 years of providing our BTCPay server with consistency to everyone who wanted to setup a wallet and receive payments in Bitcoin we are happy to announce that we have enabled our internal Lightning node for payments on Lightning Network.

We believe that Lightning Payments should be accessible to everyone, everywhere and now is the best time for that to happen. Bitcoin fees have increased a lot and Lightning is already very mature. Transacting in Lightning Network, your fees will be very low and your payments faster.

We are the first (as far as we know) third-party host of BTCPay Server that has enabled lightning for everyone, but this comes with several responsibility.

Please read carefully:

Payments will get received to our node and we should forward them to our users. We will test the burden that comes with all this stuff for one month and after that, we will decide if we keep the feature enabled. You can read more about this here. UPDATED: We have kept our internal lightning node enabled but we have added a small fee to use it for your online or local store. Read more here.

For the first month, no transactions fees will be charged from our side (except routing fees) and you can keep using our server for free (tips are welcomed). After one month we maybe think about charging a very small amount to every user who wants the lightning node enabled. UPDATED: You can use our internal lightning node for payments on the lightning network as a paid – subscription – (per month) service. Buy the subscription from our shop and learn more about how to use this feature from our post.

This announcement doesn’t affect any of our users who want to keep using the server for on-chain payments for free.

We also suggest to our new and existing users to enable 2FA on their account for maximum safety.