For Individuals

Become a self-sovereign individual running your own node and get independent

Be your own bank.

With BTCPay server there is no need to go to a bank and open an account. As a Privacy-minded individual you can use BTCPay Server instance for your everyday Bitcoin transactions without trusting a third party. Find below the best use case for you.

Routing Node (earn fees)

BTCPay server is an easy way to run your own Lightning Routing Node in minutes. Run either LND or c-lightning implementation and manage your node using RTL (Ride The Lightning) or ThunderHub and earn fees from routing to other nodes in the network.

Bitcoin and Lightning Wallet

BTCPay Server has an internal wallet which you can use to view incoming and outgoing associated Bitcoin transactions and spend your funds. It works like any other wallet, but has enhanced privacy features (non-custodial, no third-parties, verified with your server’s dedicated full node, etc.)


If you are a freelancer working from anywhere in the world, you can request to get paid in bitcoin avoiding extra transactional fees, receiving your payments to your own wallet. Freelancers can request for payment by sharing a Payment Request. Customers can pay the request at any time. BTCPay Server automatically updates the exchange rate when the customer pays the payment request when it’s convenient for them.

Donation Button

If you want to accept bitcoin donations in a more private way than the traditional single bitcoin address method, you can use BTCPay server and utilize the Pay Button or POS app for a better user experience. Furthermore, it is particularly important to mention that BTCPay Server prevents address reuse, as many people have been reusing addresses for donations in the past. Read here why you SHOULD NOT reuse a Bitcoin address.