For Businesses

Never was easier to run a business and accept Bitcoin and lightning payments

Be your own bank

With BTCPay server there is no need to go to a bank and open an account. Set up a store and send and receive Bitcoin payments directly to your wallet.

No currency converter

Get paid directly in Bitcoin. You can receive payments from your customers on the soundest money ever existed. There is no need to convert your payments to an other currency.

Invoice management

Create a custom invoice. Send your invoice. Get paid. List the invoices from all of your stores. Sort your invoices by date and plenty of other customization options for a better invoice management.

No extra fees

Sending and receiving bitcoin on lightning network is extremely cheap. And also very fast. The fee per transaction is a few satoshi’s, this is a fraction of a cent.

BTCPay server use cases

Online Store

Online businesses can connect BTCPay to their stores via integration plugins, easily, and accept payments from customers.

If you are running an e-commerce business, you can easily connect a BTCPay Server to your store via integration plugins in just a few clicks.

BTCPay Server checkout is no different to any other payment gateway. The customer gets an invoice. They pay it by scanning a QR code or by copy-pasting the amount and the address. When their payment is confirmed, the merchant is notified via the e-commerce software, and can ship the item.

Physical – local store

Merchants with physical stores can use BTCPay’s server Point of Sale (PoS) app to accept payments.

For brick and mortar stores, BTCPay Server has a web-based Point of Sale. Similarly to the online store, the customer is presented with an invoice that he can pay on the spot. The POS app can be run on any web-connected device.

Charities and Content Creators (Donations)

Accept donations via payment button or other apps with an increased level of privacy. No address re-use (Read here why).

Charities, non-profits, content creators, and other organizations that want to accept bitcoin donations in a more private way than the traditional single bitcoin address method can utilize the Pay Button, POS app, and Crowdfunding app for a better user experience. Benefits of using BTCPay for accepting donations:

  • Saving money (no fees, no subscriptions)
  • Cutting out the middle-man (Payments go directly to their wallet)
  • Enhancing privacy for them and their donors (no address re-use, no IP leaks to third parties)

Local Payment Processor

Process payments for your friends or local businesses and help them accept bitcoin at no cost or for a fee.

Admin running a BTCPay Server instance, can enable registration for other users and become a third-party payment processor for family members, friends or their local community.

This means that admin allows other people to register and use their instance, while the payments remain non-custodial.

On our site, we offer this service to our users for a small payment per month. Read more here.

BTCPay server Integrations





How it works

Step 1

Create your store and setup your wallet on BTCPay server.

Step 2

Add an integration, create a pay button or create a PoS app for your business.

Step 3

Start accepting Bitcoin and lightning payments from your customers.