About us

We started small, but we are growing day to day! We will be happy to offer more services related to Bitcoin and Lightning Network in the future, because Bitcoin is the Future.


ExitPay was created thanks to BTCPay server, in order to offer secure, private and censorship-resistant Bitcoin Payments through a – FREE TO USE – server to anyone.

In 2019 we learned about the existence of BTCPay server and immediately understood that BTCPay could change completely the way the payments take place on Bitcoin Network. Soon after that, we created a BTCPay server instance and we decided to let people all over the world to use it for free in order to make it easier for them to pay and receive Bitcoin on their stores and whatever else they needed it. So, after that, we created this website to advertise our free BTCPay server to the people. Soon after that, the BTCPay server project enlisted our website on their recommended third-party hosts and we are very thankful about that.

From 2019 till now, thousands of people have registered to our server and have used it for free for their Bitcoin payments.

We never thought about turning down the server despite only the few donations (a few satoshi) we had from our users.

In early April of 2021 we decided to enable our server’s internal Lightning node for payments on Lightning Network, becoming (as far as we know) the first third-party host that offers lightning payments to their users. You can read more about that on our announcement here.

Bitcoin was and will continue to be the only enabled payment method on our server. We do not support any other shitcoins.


ExitPay is created in order to offer to users to use a BTCPay server instance for free, supporting Bitcoin payments only.


Lightning payments are enabled on our server to let users test how fast and easy the Lightning Network is and to avoid high fees on-chain.

2021 +

We are starting to help businesses and individuals to build their own self-sovereign BTCPay server for their needs. Our e-shop is created.


We believe that as Bitcoin is going mainstream, more are going to come. Bitcoin is here to stay, so we are! We hope to be able to offer more services in the future.

How we can help you

Bitcoin Payments

If you want to use our server for free for your Bitcoin payments and you do not have an account, you can Register one here. If you have one, login here.

Lightning Payments

After you login to your account, you can use our internal Lightning wallet to receive your payments. Please read this article for reference.

Your own BTCPay server

If you want to use your own BTCPay server and be independent you can choose some of our services on our e-shop.

Business or Individual?

BTCPay server is suitable for both businesses and individuals offering different advantages. Learn what are the most common use cases.