Start Accepting Bitcoin and Lightning payments with 0% fees, with your own node.

Exit the fiat world.

Pay with Bitcoin and Lightning Network.

One of the recommended ways to accept Bitcoin and Lightning payments is through BTCPayServer. By setting up a full node and installing the open source software you will be able to cut out the middleman. The payment will take place only between you and the counterparty. We can help you on that new world.

For Businesses

The easiest and fastest way to accept Bitcoin and Lightning Payments on your online or physical store.

For Individuals

Use BTCPay’s Server internal wallet for your everyday transactions sending and receiving Bitcoin both on-chain and off-chain.

What is ExitPay ?

ExitPay is a third-party host which self-hosts a BTCPay Server instance and enables other users to register and use the server for free.

While, third-party hosts provide an easy and cost-effective way for users to try and use BTCPay Server, that comes with some concerns for the users, because trusted third parties are security holes. You could read more about third-party hosts here.

So, after being online constantly and running a BTCPay Server for over 2 years, offering to thousands of users the use of our server for free, we decided to offer our experience to you, helping you to build your own BTCPay server and be your own host and not depending on anyone to receive Bitcoin and Lightning payments.

Bitcoin Payments

You can use ExitPay for free to send and receive Bitcoin Payments, either you are a merchant or an individual. The only thing you need to do is Register an account on our server.

Payments on Lightning Network

Our internal lightning node is also enabled for payments on lightning network. But, the payments will get received to our node and we should forward them to our users. This feature is a paid service, because it adds a burden in accounting the payments for each user. You can learn more about this service on our post here.

Your own BTCPay server

Do you like to send and receive bitcoin on-chain but also off-chain using the lightning network on your own self-sovereign BTCPay server? Then, you can ask us to build one for you. Contact us and buy one of our offers.

What is BTCPay server and why you may need one.

BTCPay server can be useful for both businesses and individuals for different use cases. Some of the features that offers are presenting below.

It is just something nice to have as a Bitcoin and Lightning Network user. Read our FAQs about BTCPay server.

Open Source

Made free to free. MIT Licence. Fully open source.


Anyone can deploy a server. Become self-hosted and receive payments directly to your wallet.

Private | No middleman

Payments are peer-to-peer, direct. No KYC/AML.


Your private key is never required. Non custodial.


Your node, your coins. Not your keys, not your coins.

Peer to Peer

Direct, peer-to-peer payments. No merchant processing fees. No transaction fees.


Point-Of-Sale interface for physical stores. Crowdfunding interface for donation goals and fundraisers.

Privacy focused

Payjoin support. Tor support.

Learn about Bitcoin and Lightning Network from our blog.

Bitcoin and Lightning Network are changing every day. We are trying to keep you up to date.